About Us

Since 2014, Titan Security & Investigative Services has been operating with companies, institutions and government entities to ensure secure and safe work environments and to provide expert investigation of employee relations matters, labor relations issues and boardroom-level concerns. Titan Security offers a comprehensive range of security and investigative solutions to its clients. We combine undercover, surveillance, uniformed security and technology services to ensure the best practices in minimizing risk, discouraging malingerers and stopping dishonesty, abuse, fraud and theft.

Titan is quickly becoming a leader in the security and investigations industry. We retain an ‘A’ list of clients and are the contracted provider of security services to many in Toronto and across south western Ontario.

Our Goal
We seek to meet and surpass service expectations. Our staff is trained in-house, and company-paid education is made available to ensure their skills and knowledge remain current. We strive to ensure that best practices are our norm and that clients establish long-term relationships with us by entrusting us with all their security and investigative assignments.

Titan is a unique security-related corporate services company dedicated to helping corporations survive in an increasingly uncertain and dangerous world.

The Titan Difference
Our service platforms are designed to cater to both small and large organizations and businesses. Strategies are developed with client input, and the lead individual for your operational team is always available to you. Updates are provided frequently and reporting is top priority. We recruit experienced personnel with a broad range of specialties to make sure we can structure our services to meet any needs, regardless of company size.

Our Staff Makes The Difference
We have the flexibility to structure our services and operations teams to meet the unique needs of each client and every issue. Our staff is a diverse team of men and women, multilingual and multi-ethnic. Our professional backgrounds and expertise are as diverse as our demographic, and our combined personnel are more than 200 licensed individuals.

Competitive Fees
We have an efficient corporate structure with reduced overhead achieved through streamlined middle management and maintaining one physical location with satellite staff throughout Ontario.